EZRA - Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA Child Model

Some kids just make an impression, even before they step in front of the camera. Such was the case with Ezra, whose charm and personality was evident the minute he stepped out of the car and shook my hand.

And though many of the kids with whom we work are smart and creative, Ezra is particularly sharp and incisive (witnessed by the way he explains to me what science of light meters).

If you're an agency or creative director looking for a handsome and friendly kid for your next commercial session, give the folks at Ryan Artists a shout and ask them about Ezra.

Tech Stuff: These images were shot at my studio, out in the country, just north of Portland, OR using my go-to kit: a Canon 5D MKIII and a 70-200mm f2.8. The studio images were lit with a single 5' Octabox using Bowens Gemini 400s at around 4. Camera setting was somewhere around 1/160 at f8 at ISO 100. I used some frequency separation in Photoshop to balance highlights and shadows.