Bru-Pom, Headshots and Miss Annaliese

Bru-Pom Advertising Shoot

We had a great advertising shoot yesterday in downtown Vancouver with the beautifully groomed people from Bru Pom Men's Grooming Products. A big shoutout to everyone involved: model Quinton Arnette (from Q6 Talent), Bru Pom main main Garrett Olmstead, Mark Clayton of Mark Clayton Hair. Looking forward to sharing the results of the shoot.

Headshot Day - January 16th

We're doing another one of our world-famous Headshot Days this Saturday, January 16th. 30 minute sessions, 1-2 looks, up to 10 digitals, full-edited and retouched, delivered in 48 hours, 2 year archiving. We're offering a special discount to Katie O;Grady's Acting for Kids & Teens students (and their affiliates) as well as select agencies in PDX. Give us a shout and we'll get you on the schedule.

The Fabulous Blondies

As you probably know, The Fabulous Blondies are four super-beautiful kids we've been photographing for the past two years. Toward the end of the shoot, Miss Annaliese (from Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited) showed us the perfect mix of sassy and sophisticated.